chase the morning

I can’t believe I’ve already been in The Netherlands for two days!

I’ll be honest – the trip was a pretty stressful experience. Delays are no big deal, but delay after delay when you haven’t eaten or slept in over a day, well, that’s when it kind of becomes a big deal.

When I finally arrived in Amsterdam, I met up with eight other Webster students and caught a taxi to the college city of Leiden. The highway took us through the countryside, which, as the taxi driver explained, is “about as Dutch as it gets.”

I’ve lived in Vermont – which is fairly rural –  all my life, but I’ve never seen so many different kinds of birds – huge swans and cranes, little ducks and pigeons, all huddled around holes in the ice and preening in the morning mist. It was breathtaking!

My apartment complex is located right in the center of Leiden, a short walk from the main shopping street “Harlemenstraat.” Canals surround the building and the sun rises on a huge windmill in the distance each day. It really doesn’t get any more Dutch than this!


~ by curiouskristie on January 8, 2010.

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