sun’s gonna rise

I don’t know what this was, but it was huge. And bold.

Some observations I have made over the past week:

1. While the weather is generally mild, sunny days are few and far between here. Protip:  It does not matter when I go to do my shopping, because as soon as I return from my walk, the sun will come out. Always.

2. I should really just accept that native Dutchmen and Dutchwomen have senses we do not. They can listen to their iPods walking down the street because they can telepathically predict when a bicyclist is coming up behind them.  I can not. I won’t be doing that again.

3.  Europeans, on the whole, get by (and live happily) on much less than we do. I don’t necessarily mean money – the cost of living is quite high here – but space is very limited, especially in the Netherlands, so everything is much smaller.

4. On that note… consumer society. There’s no Target or Wal-mart. And you have to (gasp) walk quite a ways to find what you need. Finding a flat iron took nearly three days and found me covering two or three miles in the shopping square. Additionally, just about everything (except frituuren,  fried food shops, and bars) closes at 6pm.

So despite the fact that everyone looks like they’re in a constant hurry, the country as a whole is pretty laid-back.


~ by curiouskristie on January 12, 2010.

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